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Interracial dating opening new vistas for individuals

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The world had a long history of racism but not anymore, interracial dating is rising at a faster pace than ever before. Interracial dating took a long time to gain acceptance since old generations have always discouraged the idea of interracial dating, even after being legal for more than half a century. Public opinion on the interracial relationship has changed drastically in recent years and most of the people now seem to be okay with the idea of interracial dating and marriages.

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What statistics say?

Its been a half a century after the formation of law that made interracial marriages legal in the United States, things changed at a decent pace. In 1967, 3% of the total new marriages were interracial marriages, this data raised to 17% in 2015.

The percentage of interracial marriages is not the same in every state, instead, it strongly depends on their demographic location.

Hawaii ranked number one in terms of interracial marriages, 41% of its newlywed couples are interracial, Las Vegas ranks 2nd with 31%. Asheville and Jackson ranked lowest in interracial marriages with only 3% of the total newlyweds.

What’s behind the rise of interracial marriage?

Question is what is the major factor behind the rise of interracial relationship? Let’s explore the factors before going on the effects on interracial dating on the prospects of an individual.

Acceptance of Millennials: Studies have observed that almost 90 percent of millennials are in support of interracial dating and relationships. Millennial is a generation that is born between 1981 and 1997.

Racism: Developed countries like the United States is found to be successful in reducing racism, people are perceived to be more tolerant of other races and they have learnt to accept others in society.

Education: It is one of the major causes of reduced racial barrier, education gives us the ability to think beyond the barriers of community. Education gives us the ability to understand people in accordance with their behavior instead of stereotyping them.

Migration pattern: Many parts of the country have seen strong migration pattern, this allowed more interaction and more interracial dating.

Online dating: It is one of the major factors responsible for the acute growth of interracial dating, online dating has made the process easier than ever before, it allowed people to connect and communicate from the comfort of their home. Interracial dating websites have acted as a boon to people who were looking to find their ideal partner outside of their community.

How interracial dating is opening new prospects of life:

Interracial dating has a deep impact on the way people think, it alters the mindset and some common habits, let’s throw some light on the potential of interracial dating.

You let yourself grow
The major change that you experience once you indulge yourself into interracial dating is your intention to learn, you start by understanding different cultural values and learning them.
You make a visit to their families and learn about cultural differences and how every culture is beautiful in its own way.

You go against racism
For the first time when you get yourself involved in an interracial relationship, you understand the society’s attitude towards other races and their culture. For the first time, you start to realize the influence of racism on society.

You spread love
We are living in a time when the whole world is fighting and killing each other in the name of race and color. You realize that the world needs more people like you! People who advocate equality and love.

You will realize how desperately people need to learn and understand different cultures.

You start being more tolerant
Yes, you don’t just learn various things but you also develop a higher level of tolerance. Just like every culture has good things, they also have their own negatives. You start to develop a greater level of tolerance for everyone.

You experience a change in vision:
You start seeing the world with a different lens, you stop stereotyping people according to their race and color, and you start understanding them according to their true personality.

Interracial dating is beautiful, no one said it is going to be easy for you, you are surely going to experience many cultural differences, family pressure, racial comments but it is something worth experiencing. We are living in a fast moving world and we simply can’t afford to restrict yourself within a single community.

An interracial dating will open the new vistas for you, your understanding of other communities will improve and your knowledge for your community will enhance as well.

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